Dynaudio Acoustics – BM Compact MkIII 5″ Nearfield Active Monitor (Pair)


The BM mkIII is the next generation of the tremendously successful BMA mkII range. Its ultra-high dynamic range and hand-crafted drivers deliver performance superior to many larger, more expensive monitors.

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Product Description

  • 5″ Nearfield Monitor
  • Handcrafted drivers with aluminum voice coils
  • Class-D Amplification with DSP
  • Flexible operation with XLR and RCA inputs
  • Bundled with IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 speaker stand for decoupling and proper angling
  • Made in Denmark

The BM Compact mkIII is a premium quality, small-format near-field monitor. With an ultrahigh dynamic range, it hits well above its weight class thanks to intelligent design. Using ultralightweight aluminum wire and aluminum voice coils in its hand-crafted drivers, along with a Class D amplifier the BM Compact mkIII provides outstanding performance.

Aluminum voice coil former and wire are low mass so transient response is quick and accurate.  Diaphragm and dust cap are moulded as one piece in patented low-mass, highly rigid Magnesium Silicate Polymer providing unrivaled accuracy.

  • 50W LF and 50W HF RMS Class D amplifier with DSP crossover
  • Extended excursion 5.7″ woofer with pure aluminium voice coil
  • 1.1″ soft dome tweeter with pure aluminium voice coil
  • 116dB max. SPL
  • Frequency response of 49 Hz-24 kHz
  • HF, MF, LF room filters allow flexible positioning
  • High pass filters at 60/80Hz for perfect subwoofer matching
  • Input sensitivity switch (-10/+4dB range)


  • System:  Two-way Active Precision Nearfield Monitor
  • Max SPL 1m, pair (IEC Short Term):  116 dB peak
  • Input level for 85 dB SPL @ 1m:  80 mVrms
  • Max input level (@setting):  4,8 Vrms (-10dB) 1,5 Vrms (0dB) 1 Vrms (+4dB)
  • Power consumption:  Standby: 0.3 W Idle: 5.8 Max: 94 W
  • Amplifier power:  Tweeter: 50 W Woofer: 50 W
  • Resonance Frequency:  58 Hz
  • Principle:  Bass reflex
  • Crossover Frequencies:  2100 Hz
  • Crossover Slope:  12 dB/oct
  • Tweeter:  D-281 – 28 mm soft dome, rear chamber, magnetic fluid 4 mm aluminum front Pure aluminum wire voicecoil
  • Woofer:  145 mm molded aluminum frame/ one piece thermo formed MSP cone 38 mm voice coil with pure aluminum wire on aluminum former
  • Weight:  5,4 kg / 11.9 lbs
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):  170 x 260 x 211 mm / 6.7” x 10.2” x 8.3”


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