GML – 2032 – Single Channel Mic Preamplifier & Parametric Equalizer (with Internal Power Supply)

The Model 2032 Microphone Preamplifier / Parametric Equalizer is a single-channel, multi-input device for high-resolution studio and remote applications.


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Product Description

The Model 2032 Microphone Preamplifier / Parametric Equalizer is a single-channel, multi-input device for high-resolution studio and remote applications. Based on the reference-standard Model 8300 Transformerless Microphone Preamplifier and Model 8200 Parametric Equalizer, this flexible 1U processor continues the GML engineering tradition while bringing the utmost in transparency, detail, and musicality to an affordable, compact form factor. The GML 2032 includes its own internal power supply.


Combining the features of the GML flagship 8200 Parametric Equalizer and 8300 Transformerless Microphone Preamplifier, the Model 2032 embodies the legendary detail and accuracy for which GML is renowned. The power and functionality of these revolutionary processors is further coupled with the addition of a front panel musical instrument input, two position high-pass filter, front panel phantom and phase switching, and flexible routing options while maintaining the GML standard of performance and transparency. These advanced circuits, envisioned by George Massenburg, have benefited from over 30 years of research, limited manufacturing, critical listening analysis, widespread usage by demanding industry professionals, and continuous evaluation by the GML engineering Department.


The GML Model 2032 Microphone Preamplifier / Parametric Equalizer derives its power and flexibility in large part from its features:

  • All-discrete, Class-A design; no integrated circuits to compromise the audio path
  • DC-servo and premium-grade film coupling; no interstage capacitors to add distortion or degrade over time; no tantalum electrolytic, ceramic, or aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
  • Transformerless; precision electronically balanced inputs
  • Designed with GML 9202 (single) and GML 8501 (dual-differential) lownoise, low-distortion, wide dynamic range, wide bandwidth precision discrete opamps
  • DC-servo stabilized direct-coupled output
  • Multi-input format: MIC or MI (front panel musical instrument)
  • Wide gain range (10 dB to 75 dB) available on both inputs
  • Precision Gain switch: 65dB range in 5dB steps
  • Continuously variable preamplifier Fine gain control, +/-5dB
  • Four-band fully parametric equalizer
  • Low-frequency and High-frequency Shelf mode capability
  • Flexible routing: Single-Channel, Independent, Inline Insert configurations
  • High-pass Filter; selectable 40 Hz, flat, 100Hz
  • Front panel Phantom and Phase illuminated switches
  • Front panel EQ IN and Insert illuminated switches
  • Overload (OL) indication LED
  • Power status LED
  • Low-noise, highly regulated internal linear power supply
  • Modern surface-mount construction, yielding maximum precision, manufacturability, and reliability
  • No internal signal interconnects; high-quality signal relay switching
  • Carbon-film and conductive-plastic custom precision potentiometers, manufactured to GML exacting standards
  • Multi-colored knobs, GML standard
  • Stylish and durable black-anodized aluminum front panel
  • Rugged chassis; black powder-coat finish over aluminum
  • Reverse-anodized front panel legend, much more permanent than ink or paint processes
  • Baked-on epoxy paint silkscreen rear panel legend
  • Quality PCB manufacturing, assembly, and chassis construction



One channel, multi-input, gain, filter, parametric equalizer with insert capability and internal power supply
Inputs: Mic (balanced, XLR), MI (Musical Instrument; unbalanced, 1/4” TS)
Gain control: +15dB to +70dB, 5dB steps
Fine control: -5dB to +5dB, continuously variable
Phase switch, Phantom power (P48) switch
Filter — Second-order Butterworth active high-pass filter; 100Hz, flat, 40Hz
Insert control: split parametric equalizer from preamplifier
EQ section: four bands, fully parametric, continuously variable controls
EQ IN switch
Overload (OL) indicator: peak indication, preamplifier and equalizer

Microphone: 1 kΩ balanced, >80dB CMRR, +17dBu max input before clipping
Insert In: 20 kΩ balanced bridging, >40dB CMRR, +21dBu max input before clipping
MI: 1 MΩ unbalanced, +8.5dBu maximum input before clipping

-0.1dB / +0.002dB, <10Hz to >30kHz, worst-case
-3dB, >300kHz and <<10Hz, typical
<0.003% Harmonic distortion, 20Hz to 20kHz, typical
<0.006% SMPTE Intermodulation distortion, typical
30V/usec discrete low-noise precision operational amplifiers, GML 9202
-80dBu broadband, EQ engaged, typical
-112dBu EIN, MI input
-120dBu EIN, Microphone input (Rs = 150Ω, 30kHz BW), worst-case
-80dB crosstalk, 20Hz to 20kHz, worst case

+27.0 dBu clipping
< 3 mV output offset, stabilized by DC servo correction, direct coupled
Wired pin 2 “hot”, 3-wire unbalanced

Internal linear power supply, 110V/220V switch, 50/60Hz; +/-28 VDC, +/-18 VDC, +48VDC
Approx. power consumption: 28W; 500mA/250V slo-blo fuse installed (110V operation)
Separate Ground and Chassis connections at rear
19″ W x 1.75″ H x 10″ D rack mount chassis, black anodized aluminum, silver legend
Weight: 11 lbs., approximate; shipping weight may vary


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