Radial – Tonebone Boneyard – Pedal Board


Finally – a pedalboard done right! The Boneyard is a rugged 15″ x 35″ wedge shaped pedalboard designed specifically for professional guitarists. It’s carpeted work surface is angled to allow easy foot access to multiple rows of pedals allowing quick effects changes on stage. Pedal layout is facilitated by a pre-drilled deck that allows the player to position pedals as required and and hide cables and power supplies underneath for an uncluttered and organized setup.

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Product Description

The Boneyard is a professional pedalboard that features a wide pre-drilled
35” x 15” slanted deck that makes accessing various rows of pedals easy while
allowing cables to be hidden underneath for a clean and professional look. Pedals
are attached with Velcro to the Velcro-friendly carpeted deck. The Boneyard
is made with ¾” laminated plywood with a protective plastic T-edge surround
that will not crumble or disintegrate like particle board if it gets wet. Sufficient
space underneath allows two power bars and multiple DC supplies to be mounted.
The Boneyard comes complete with Velcro and cable-mounting hardware.


  • Large slanted deck for pro use
  • Velcro-friendly carpeted top deck
  • 3/4” plywood construction with T-edging
  • Pre-drilled holes to pass cables through
  • Includes Velcro and cable clips
  • Angled for easy access to second row of pedals
  • Easy to reconfigure and rewire pedals
  • Ample room for two AC power bars underneath
  • Clean professional results



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