The New Ableton Push – Ableton Push 2

Ableton have been full steam ahead recently, with the Live 9.2 update, Ableton introduced a number of under-the-hood and feature updates, including a new Tuner plugin, improved warping engine, and plugin delay compensation. Now Ableton have announced Live 9.5 (a free update for existing users) and their newly evolved DAW controller – Push 2.

The original Ableton Push has been a huge success in the electronic music and beats scene. Initially posed as an ‘instrument’ for starting songs Ableton is now clearer than ever before about Push’s functionality. Push is truly useful in the studio as well as for live performance.


JNTHN STEIN making a beat with Ableton Push 2

With artists embracing these new forms of technology like never before we can’t wait to see what people create!

What’s new in Push 2?

Colour screen

Gone is the old low-resolution orange on ‘black’ LCD. It has been replaced with a beautifully crisp colour screen. Push no longer shows a vague values and text for knobs and parameters. You’ll now see some beautifully crafted icons and defined values – labeled clearly. The colour represents the selected track making quick edits faster than before. Seemingly inspired by Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synthesiser, the GUI now looks modern, clean, and crisp.


Push 2 is a serious sampler

Ableton Live 9.5 features a redesigned Simpler sampling instrument with new features such as warping, pitch manipulation, and some juicy analog modelled filters from Cytomic (who make The Drop and The Glue). This can all be controlled seamlessly using the controller without ever needing to touch the computer. With beautiful waveform displays following your actions as you go. This is the ultimate sampling hardware/software combo out there today.



Push 2 is lighter and thinner than the previous model and features new and improved pads, buttons, and encoders. The layout has also been improved with extensive user testing. Already the original Push controller felt a step above the competition, but now they have blown that out of the water. The pads are now far more consistent in sensitivity and set the new benchmark for grid based controllers. It’s the sort of thing that users of the original Push will be surprised to experience in this new controller. The icing on the cake. Touch one and you’ll find it hard to go back to the original.



Push now supports third-party plugins

While you could use a workaround with the original controller by spending time putting your third-party plugins in racks, Push 2 can now browse your third-party plugins straight form the controller. This comes at a great time, with Native Instrument’s Komplete Kontrol series keyboards and Akai’s Advance keyboard offering similar capabilities.

Ableton Live 9.5

As mentioned above, Ableton Live 9.5 now includes analog modelled filters from Cytomic (who helped create Ableton’s Glue compressor). These are found in the Operator, Auto-filter, and Simpler plugins. Cytomic’s ‘The Drop’ plugin which has been around for a while now sounds incredible, and presumably some of this technology is now built into Ableton Live directly.

Another headline feature which is ‘coming soon’ is Link. For years Ableton users have cried out about the poor syncing capabilities of Ableton, but now that’s all about to change. Not only will you be able to wirelessly Link computers running Ableton Live, but you’ll be able to Link up with supported iOS apps as well.


Link – Coming soon to Ableton Live


You can view Ableton’s extensive official Push 2 Tutorials here.

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